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Boat ride through the creeks beside the mangrove

This boat ride was surely special. It was a small boat that took us through the creeks and mangroves. It was really a surreal experience to travel by a small boat in the vast water bodies and so near the mangrove forests. The dense forests had an eerie feel to it. There was not much sound except that of the mild splashing noise made by the oars of the boat.

sundarban tour


The cranes were standing as if meditating on the muddy shores of the river. And our eyes were constantly going furtively towards the mangroves looking for the golden yellow colour hoping to be one of the few lucky ones! As the tide was waning, the boatmen took the boat out from the creeks to the main river. Sundarban is all about the tide and the tiger – that was what our boatman had to say. After watching the sunset from the boat, we were back at the eco village.


Sunset at the Sundarban

The eco village had arranged a musical soiree in the evening bringing in local singers. They performed various local songs that made the evening immensely enjoyable. We had a group of musicians among us who joined the singers and it was a magical fusion of the indigenous harmonium and drum with the strums of guitar. And in this intoxicating atmosphere, “Hariya” – the local liquor, was arranged for us. What more could you ask for?


An intoxicating night at the Homestay

After such an enjoyable evening and dinner, we retired for the day. We have a long day on the next.


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